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A private genetic testing and counselling service located in Caulfield, Victoria

It is common to be a carrier of a genetic condition

Most carriers of genetic conditions are healthy and unaware they are carrying potentially harmful genetic mutations

Genetic diseases account for 20% of all infant deaths & 18% of paediatric hospitalisations 1.

1 out of 100 children world wide are born with a genetic disease 2.

1 out of 4 people carry at least one known genetic mutation 3.

What are the benefits of genetic testing?

Finding out about risks gives couples the ability to make informed reproductive choices about their future family’s health

Replace uncertainty with knowledge and information

Provides guidance if a child is diagnosed with a genetic condition, either in utero or after birth

We provide up-to-date expert advice in a very fast paced field of medicine

We are professionals trained to evaluate and explain the results of genetic tests, which may yield complex results

We provide counselling support for decision making, while respecting individual beliefs and values

We provide the necessary referrals and guidance to help patients feel supported through challenging situations

Our team provides professional, confidential genetic counselling and testing services integrating the latest in genetic testing technology, with caring, supportive genetic counselling and medical care.

“I believe we should have the opportunity to understand whether we are at a high risk of having a child with an incurable medical condition, given the the very significant emotional, physical and financial implications”

“The most difficult thought is that this situation was preventable with a simple blood or saliva test and if I’d known to ask for it, I would have”

The peace of mind that genetic testing provides is priceless. Thank you for offering such a great service to the community. Your genetic counsellor was friendly, caring and very informative in this sensitive area.

Most Carriers of genetic Conditions

“As a young professional couple, having a healthy child is one of the most important things to us. We were surprised to find out that we both carry genetic mutations we were not aware of. It was great to find out more about our genetic makeup and can now look forward to starting a family”