Frequently Asked Questions

Q) I don’t have a family history of any genetic conditions, so would I still benefit from attending your clinic?

A) Yes, an appointment at our clinic would still be beneficial to you as most babies born with a genetic condition are born to parents who did not know they were carriers and who have no known family history of that condition. You could be a carrier for a genetic condition, but not know it yet.

Q) Can I attend your clinic if I am already pregnant?

A) Yes. While preconception carrier screening is ideally done before pregnancy, it can sometimes be done during early pregnancy, if requested. Additionally, our staff can provide information and guidance about the various screening and diagnostic testing available during pregnancy, such as Down syndrome screening.

Q) Do you offer testing for the “Ashkenazi Jewish conditions”, like Tay Sachs disease?

A) Yes. We offer a wide range of test options, tailored to suit individual couples’ background, ethnicity and personal preferences.

Q) Do I have to change GPs if I attend your clinic?

A) No. We will provide genetic counselling to you, and communicate your genetic results and outcomes to your doctors of choice so you can maintain the same relationships you have with your family GP or specialist.

Q) I don’t currently have a partner, can I still attend your clinic and have pre-conception carrier testing?

A) Yes, you are welcome to attend our clinic without a current partner. Preconception carrier testing can still be beneficial to you, particularly if you plan to have children in the future. Additionally, your results can also provide useful information for your relatives, such as siblings and cousins who might also be planning a family.

Q) What are the costs involved?

A) The different tests we offer have different costs involved. We will assist you to work out which test is most suitable for you. The consultation fees may have some medicare rebates.

frequently asked questions