About Us

Genetic Clinics Australia is a private genetic counselling service run through the Caulfield Family Medical Practice in Victoria. It is the first GP based genetic counselling service in Melbourne, giving patients the ability to access expert genetic counselling services at a convenient, local clinic.
The clinic was initiated by Dr Jonathan Cohen, with the support of his genetic counselling team, Nikki Gelfand and Andrea Leibler.

No referral is required to attend our clinic. Our service is accessible to all couples and/or individuals who are interested in understanding the options of genetic testing for reproductive planning prior to, or during early pregnancy.

Together, our team provides a professional, confidential genetic counselling and testing service, integrating the latest in genetic testing technology, with caring, supportive genetic counselling and medical care.

We provide a range of accessible and comprehensive genetic tests from local and international laboratories along with genetic counselling to help interpret genetic test results and their implications.